Dance Legends Productions

Leigh Barwell is a talented award winning Dancer from Cambridge England. She trained and graduated from one of the top Dance schools in Cambridge England.  Leigh has danced in many countries from England to Japan appearing in hundreds of Dance shows,  TV Commercials, Music Videos and Bollywood movies. She has apperaed on Acadamy Fantasia Thailand as a guest Instructor and Dancer, Dancer for Big Brother Croatia and appeared on Channel 5 British TV.

Leigh choreographed the Burlesque  Dance scenes for the "John Cusack" Hollywood movie "Shanghai".

As well as choreographing all Dance Legends shows in Asia she has supplied high quality Dancers to various companys Worldwide.

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Dance Legends Choreography

Not only are we a Dance Group. We can provide highly skilled Choreographers for the following.

1. TV Commercials for all styles of Dance from Ballet to Hip Hop and more.












2. Movement coaches for Film and Commercials.


3. Dancers Movement coaches that are fully expirenced in CGI and Green Screen

    with motion trackers for any projects.










4. Dancers for Film, we can provide a full team of dancers both male and female         including costumes if needed. We have worked both on Hollywood and Bollywood

Productions both in Europe and Asia.














5. Choreography for Indian Wedding Dancing. Do you need your Family trained for your wedding dance? We have a team that can choreograph your Dance for you and train your family in our studio.


6. We can provide Dancers for Cruise Ships and tours both in Europe and Asia. Dance Legends have provided shows for Royal Carribean Crusies.












7.  We have a fully trained stunt team that can put on amazing live shows and more, contact us for details.




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